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La Salle Junior Livestock Show at the County Fair

Stock Show at the County Fair


The La Salle County Junior Livestock Show is held in conjunction with our annual county fair and officially kicks off with the weighing and sifting of the livestock entries at 9:00 a.m. on Friday, March 9, 2018.  The judging of the livestock entries starts that same Friday at 3:00 p.m.  The Junior Livestock Auction takes place on Saturday at 2:00 p.m.

General Rules. Following are the general rules.  Click here for a document outlining the specific rules for each category, etc.

  1. Competition is open to all active* 4-H and FFA members that live in and/or attend school in La Salle County.  These individuals must be in grades third (3rd) through a senior (12th) in high school to be eligible and must have cared for and fed their animal during the entire feeding period.  The feeding period begins with county validation and ends with the show and sale.
  2. All animals must meet the regulations governing admission of livestock into shows set by the Texas Animal Health Commission.
  3. The Board of Directors of the 4-H and FFA Booster Club reserve the final and absolute right to interpret these rules and arbitrarily settle and determine all matters, questions, and differences in regard thereto, and the right to amend or add to these rules as its judgement may determine. A protest, complaint or grievance of a violation of these rules shall be filed in writing to any member of the Booster Club board of directors prior to the judging of the show.  If the violation occurs after such time the protest, complaint, or grievance shall be filed in writing with the Booster Club board of directors no later than five (5) business days after the show.  Any such filing shall be accompanied by a $100.00 filing fee.  The filing fee will be refunded if the grievance is upheld.
  4. A sifter and classifier appointed by the show will inspect all animals entered. Animals not showing enough type, quality, finish or soundness will not be allowed to show or sell.
  5. No entry fee will be charged, but exhibitors must enter their animals with the 4-H and FFA advisors no later than two weeks after the validation of each animal species.
  6. All entries must be in their proper stall at the time set by the show and remain in place until they are released.
  7. All stall, pens, and exhibitor space must be kept clean at all times and refuse matter disposed of as the show may direct.
  8. Exhibitors can show two animals of one species, but cannot win both Champion and Reserve Champion of that species. If one animal wins Champion then the other animal of that exhibitor is not eligible to show for Reserve Champion.  This rule applies to market animals and not breeding animals.
  9. No other youth can show or sell another exhibitors project. Exceptions of sickness or death in the family can be made with approval of the Booster Club Directors.  If an exhibitor has more than one project in a class, or the project requires more than one exhibitor to show the project, all showman must be either a 4-H or FFA member from La Salle County.  If an exhibitor is showing for another exhibitor, this exhibitor is not eligible for showmanship and must turn their exhibitor number to blank or not wear one.
  10. The supervisor of projects – Agriculture Science Teacher or County Extension Agent – must certify that the exhibitor has completed requirements to show.
  11. All exhibitors failing the reporting period prior to the County Show will not be eligible to show or sell.
  12. Exhibitors must own their own animals at the beginning of and throughout the feeding period beginning at county validation and must feed, care for, be fully responsible for and exhibit animals entered without any assistance during the period except for the County Extension Agent, Agricultural Science Teacher, or from other junior exhibitors, family members or project leaders in the county. This responsibility may not be transferred or assigned to any other person or place.
  13. No artificial color or alterations may be added to any animal for the show or sale.
  14. A dress code will be in effect for all exhibitors during the Junior Livestock Show and Sale. All exhibitors are expected to be neat and clean at all times. No shorts or t-shirts will be allowed.  All shirts or blouses must have a collar.  No hats, caps or head wear during show and sale.  No visible knives on exhibitor.
  15. Any exhibitor found in violation of any La Salle County Junior Livestock Show rules shall be subject to permanent expulsion from the Junior Livestock Show and Auction and forfeiture of any proceeds.
  16. Any animal validated for the La Salle County Junior Livestock Show cannot be shown in any other county show or visa versa.
  17. At time of weighing, sifting, showing, and selling, only the exhibitor will be allowed to handle the project. Due to safety and liability issues any exhibitors who can not control their animal will be sifted and removed from the ring by the judge and/or the ring superintendent.
  18. Exhibitors must attend at least four (4) of 4-H or FFA meetings to participate in the county show. A sign-in sheet will be required at all meetings and a copy forwarded to the Booster Club.
  19. At validation, the exhibitor and their parents and/or guardian, will receive a copy of the rules and must sign and turn in to their respective County Extension agent or Agricultural Science Teacher the completed form within fourteen (14) days. Otherwise their project(s) will not be allowed to show.
  20. At validation, all animals will be tagged by a tag approved by the Booster Club. If an animal loses a validation tag, exhibitor must notify the Booster Club and three (3) directors of the Booster Club must be present to re-tag the animal.
  21. All animals validated for the La Salle County Junior Livestock Show are subject to drug and DNA testing at any time.
  22. Exhibitors are not to mail out personal letters to prospective buyers for their own personal gain.
  23. At time of sift, show and sale all animals must be presented clean with no foreign matter.
  24. Animals not meeting the weight requirements will be taken off the scales, the scales checked for balance, and the animal immediately re-weighted.