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La Salle Ranch Rodeo

Ranch Rodeo

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and wrangling!

Described as the “roughest and rowdiest ranch rodeo south of the Frio River,” the La Salle County Ranch Rodeo attracts teams from area ranches who come together to compete in various rodeo events for cash and prizes.

Entry is by invitation only and teams are composed of five members. Trophy buckles are awarded to the Grand Champion team and added money is awarded to the first three places.

Steer Roping and Tying. Five mounted cowboys work together to rope a steer and lay it on its side. The team then must cross-tie the steer’s legs.

Steer Roping and Branding. Four mounted cowboys start behind the designated line. The clock starts when the steer is released from the chute. The cowboys on horseback head and heel the steer and lay it on either side. From there, the cowboy on foot “brands” the steer on its ribs.

Wild Cow Milking. Teams head and heel a cow, then convince the cow to put some milk in a bottle. Once some milk is obtained, the runner for the team must carry the bottle of milk across the designated line.

Wild Hog Roping and Tying. Hog hunting is a favorite pastime of many in the South Texas brush country. Armed with only a rope (instead of a gun and dogs), a cowboy might be a little nervous about getting up close and personal with an angry wild hog. The team starts in a pickup behind the arena gate. One man opens the gate to let the pickup through and hops back in. As the team drives towards the hog, they must rope it in any way they can. Once roped, the team must then cross-tie the hog’s legs and load it into the back of the pickup.

Wild Hog Sacking. Two men catch a hog and place it in a tow sack. A cowboy on horseback then takes the sack and rides to the pen set up at the other end of the arena, hands the tow sack to the other waiting team members, who release the hog into the pen.

21st Annual Wild Hog Futurity

What is a Wild Hog Futurity? A wild hog futurity is a hog race – South Texas style.  The Wild Hog Futurity will be on Sunday of the fair at 1:30 p.m. just prior to the Ranch Rodeo in the American Legion Rodeo Arena.

We need hogs for the race. Hogs should weigh between 20-45 pounds. Trophies will be awarded to the top four suppliers of the hogs, and buyers will be awarded both trophies and monetary awards. Get in touch with Scott Reese (956) 948-5503 if you are interested in donating any wild hogs for this race.
All hogs must be entered and on the grounds by 5:00 p.m. on Thursday before the fair, and they will be ear-tagged for the selection process. The hogs that are decided on by the Selection Committee will be sold on Saturday of the fair after the Livestock and Food Auction.

Prize money will be paid for the first four (4) places.

This will be an exciting event and will be packed full of fun and frolic with maybe a little bit of exasperation.


And, just when you thought it was over and safe to go home after a sunburn and a car load of funnel cakes, cold drinks and heaps of food and souvenirs from the fair and cook-off, your grade school age child takes part in the Wild Pig Scramble and wins the best prize of all, a real live wild baby pig to call their own!

Click here for information on the 2015 teams and winners.